RMM 5-Pack (5 Race Registrations) 23-24


The RMM 5-Pack race pass is a discounted pass that offers a 30% discount on your first 5 RMM races this season.  Full price value of the first 5 RMM races = $225, so you save $75!  

What do I need to know?  Important Info about 5-packs!

  • These are a "pay now" item, and the service fee will be added to the total
  • One 5-pack per person per season, in order to purchase you must assign the 5-pack to a racer profile
  • 5-packs are non-refundable
  • 5 packs can not be transferred to a different racer
  • 5 packs can only be used for RMM divisional races.  They are not able to be applied to any training days, or the FIS races at Beaver Creek. 
  • 5 packs will automatically be applied to the first 5 eligible races you participate in
  • 5 packs can not be used after the 23-24 season 
  • The final day to buy 5-packs will be 1/5/24.  Exception: If you are a new racer who would like to join us for the rest of the season, please reach out to us if you'd like to buy a 5-pack before your 2nd day, and we can add it from the back end.



SKU: 5pack2024
List price: $225.00
Price: $150.00